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  • Introduction to Sprint Cars
    Sprint Car racing is one of the most exciting forms of auto racing in the world. People flock to their local race tracks to enjoy the excitement of the sprint cars going wheel to wheel hoping to see their favorite driver take the checkered flag. Racing in general is a very expensive business. With high fuel costs, entry fees, consumable parts, and expensive equipment it is no surprise that it takes help from multiple people to make sure that the team can operate at a high level. All race teams use the help of sponsors to subsidize their expenses. In return the sponsors are rewarded with advertising space on the car and equipment.

    Sponsor’s logos can be seen on the car by thousands of fans in the stands at each race and by passing motorists as the trailer travels down the road. A sponsors name is also mentioned in interviews and is often times associated with the diver and team making it a well known name while creating brand loyalty amongst fans and fellow drivers. This page describes how you can become a part of Suggs Racing as a sponsor and enjoy the benefits of advertising with us.
  • Marketing and Advertising in Motorsports
    Sponsoring a race car is very similar to having a commercial on TV or the radio, or having a billboard on the side of the road. The purpose is to attract new customers and make your company well known. At a race track there are thousands of fans that sit in the stands every night to watch the cars compete. This provides a prime opportunity for companies like your own to place their name and logo on a car for everyone to see and become familiar with.

    Your company’s logo can be on more than just the car. Depending on the type of sponsorship the driver’s suit, crew uniforms, and trailer can all display your name and logo. In addition to the display of your logo your name will be promoted in interviews with announcers and the press.

    One benefit of advertising through motorsports that a billboard or commercial can’t duplicate is the development of brand loyalty amongst the fans. In a recent conversation a representative of Lucas Oil Product stated that their company’s growth and success is attributed to the fan loyalty which evolved from their involvement in motorsports marketing.
  • Fan/Market Demographic
    Gender: Female 38% - Male 62%
    Residence: Rent 28% - Own 72%
    Employment: Full Time 72%  - Part Time 10% - Retired/Unemployed 18%
    Occupation:  Professional/Manager 27% - Tech'n/Clerk/Sales 21%
                           Craft Precision 13% - Unskilled Labor 10%
                           Retired/Unemployed 12% - Other 17%

    Education: Some H.S. 12% - H.S. Grad 88% - Some College/College Grad 38%
    Age: Under 18 3%
             18-24 15%
             25-34 29%
             35-44 25%

    Income distribution: $30-50,000 29%
                                      $50-75,000 22%
                                      $75-100,000 12%

                                      $100,000+ 8%
    (Notes Compiled by Racing West And Delaware News Journal)
  • Conclusion
    Sponsoring a race car is good opportunity to spread the word about your company’s products and services. In most cases advertising leads to an increase of customers and in times like these everyone could use more customers. There is no minimum sponsorship value, and all signage on the equipment is negotiable. Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your options.