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Evan SuggsEvan Suggs was born around cars. From an early age Evan helped his father John, work in the garage rebuilding hot rods and doing maintenance on the family cars. When Evan was 10 years old he received a go kart for Christmas and his racing career began. After 7 years and 5 International Karting Federation National Championships the family decided that sprint cars would be a good next step while at the same time remembering the focus was on education.

During the early sprint car period Evan graduated high school and entered the school of engineering at San Jose State University. Throughout college and grad school Evan maintained and successfully raced the family sprint cars finishing third, second and second in points in the hotly contested KWS series.

Today, Evan is a product engineer at Fabco, a OEM manufacturer of driveline components for large trucks.
  • Golden State King of the West Sprint Car Main Event Winner.
  • Wright One 360 Sprint Car Series Main Event Winner.
  • 2011 Howard Kaeding Classic Winner.
  • Won 2007 Dirt Cup Preliminary at Skagit Speedway.
  • Finished 5th in 2008 Golden State Challenge Point Standings.
  • Finished 5th in 2008 Ocean Speedway 360 Sprints Point Standings.
  • Finished 11th in 2007 Golden State Challenge Point Standings.
  • Was Fast Time Qualifier at the 2007 Gold Cup Race of Champions.
  • Finished 12th in 2006 USAC/CRA Points Standings.
  • Set USAC/CRA Fast Time At Skagit Speedway (Alger, WA) on July 29, 2006.
  • Finished 8th in 2006 SCRA 360 Sprints Points Standings.
  • Finished 15th in 2006 SCRA 360 Dash Points Standings.
  • Finished 45th in 2006 360 Grand Slam Points Standings.
  • Finished 4th in 2005 Bandit Sprints Points Standings.
    (1 Feature Pole in 2005)
  • Finished 14th in 2005 SCRA 360 Sprints Points Standings.
  • Finished 8th in 2005 Santa Maria Sprints Points Standings.
  • Finished 11th in 2004 Bandit Sprints Points Standings.
    (4 Heat Race Wins)
  • Finished 17th in 2004 Santa Maria Sprints Points Standings.
  • Finished 37th in 2003 Bandit Sprints Points Standings.
  • Finished 42nd in 2003 Santa Maria Sprints Points Standings.
  • 5 Time International Karting Federation National Champion
  • Numerous big karting event victories.
  • 5 Karting championships between IKF, San Jose Kartclub, & Altamont Kart Club